Vex 2

The second part of the Vex platformer game will delight you with nine new acts. Traditional hardcore is also not gone anywhere. Passing game levels is still difficult. Also added achievement system. Play online and have fun with this Friv game!

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Vex 2 Walkthrough

Vex 2 Full Game Walkthrough (All Levels)

Vex 2 is a second season of the game. Vex was the first most season was superbly hit and the next season is right now with us. It is a superb game which involves a small human like character, it has to complete all the given 9 levels named as ACT 1,ACT 2 follows on upto ACT 9 and one special level named as vexation. There is a tutorial level in a game at starting most of all the level which help us to learn and how to play the game. All the levels in it are in sequential way we have to complete 1 st one then only we can enter the other level. Here are many obstacles and as well as helpers to play the game. This game is based on concentration of a player and correct judgement to land the character on the given boxes.